Looming Code

Looming Code in a Library

Download this librarian’s guide to see how to implement looming and coding activities in your library. This guide includes:

  • A list of what you’ll need
  • Tips for choosing a theme
  • Ideas to run a library activity
  • A DIY (“How To”) guide for the youth

You will also need to download the Student Worksheet and Looming Code Level Cards.  The looming code program is a great way to introduce students to computational thinking practices. 

Shopping List

You should have access to computers.  Laptops or desktops work and it does not matter if you have PC or a Mac.

  • pipe cleaners
  • combs

Additional Resources

Here are some resources not included in the librarian’s guide that may be helpful for you:

STEM Connections

  • Patterns
  • Basic Coding
  • Computational Thinking

Implementation Ideas