School Library Management and Making Module 2

This module includes:

  • A slide show
  • Readings x 2
  • Standards for Libraries
  • A video
  • Online resources for making in library
  • Assignment

Slide Show: Planning a STEM-rich Making Program & Collaborating with Teachers

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Reading 1: Implementing the Common Core State Standards by American Association of School Librarians

School librarians are in a unique position to raise student achievement and develop the skills necessary for college and career readiness. A librarian can take an active lead in collaborating with classroom teachers to integrate common core and library media standards to impact student learning. Read the following article (p. 1-4) and skim (p. 4-25) bullet points and examples. Think about ways a librarian could collaborate with classroom teachers. 

Reading 2: Stem Lessons for Promoting 21st Century Learning Standards

School librarians are increasingly taking a lead in bringing STEM programs into their schools. Librarians can plan Making activities that integrate common core and library media standards.  These standards teach important 21st-century learning skills such as teamwork, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and meaningful inquiry. Read the following article to learn why incorporating STEM is important and some examples of implementation (p. 1-8 reading, 11-15 examples). Think about how a librarian could incorporate STEM-rich Making activities in the library. 

Reading 3: Reviewing the standards

Review the AASL Standards, Utah Library Media Standards, and the Utah Common Core Standards: 


The Chicago Public Libraries have created an innovative 21st-century learning space to inspire collaboration and creativity. Watch this 5-minute video to see a public library Makerspace in action.

Making in Library Resource:

Now Take some time to explore the Utah State University Library Making website for examples of STEM-rich Making activities. Pay particular attention to the learn-make-share model used. 


Plan your own STEM-rich Making activity. 

  1. Choose a common core standard (pick a particular grade level). Integrate this standard with library media standards to plan a STEM-rich Making library activity.  
  1. Write a plan for a STEM-rich Making activity (use the USU learn-make-share model). 
  1. In your write-up include the common core standard you are teaching and discuss how you would integrate it with library media standards. Discuss how you would collaborate with another teacher. 

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